2019 Seminar Topics

Here are summaries of some of the great seminars and galleries we have planned for Scarefest XII.

Embracing Your Inner Witch: The Southern Gypsies are more than just a group of psychics, they are also practicing eclectic witches. Learn tips for following a path more alternative and off beat. Being a witch has been a term with a negative stereotype, find out how these ladies are putting the positive in this spiritual path.

The Really Bad Tarot Gallery: Wes Forsythe brings his own brand of humor (read hyperbole and sarcasm) to the mystic art of the Tarot. After a brief history of the Bad Tarot and a load of excuses and justifications, Wes will actually attempt to do LIVE impromptu Tarot readings for the audience. Come prepared with your questions for the universe…or just watch and enjoy. Or bring beer. Disclaimer: He really does fly by the seat of his psychic pants and if he does a card trick it is really not magic.

Kentucky’s Satanic Killers: Join Chad Harlan and Stephen Pulliam as they delve into the intriguing tale of a group of Kentucky youth that help spark the late 90s satanic panic that swept the nation. They will attempt to distinguish facts from fiction and myth and learn about the Lillelid family, which had the misfortune of crossing their path.

Zombie Apocalypse Brainstorming Session: If you haven’t read “Wes Forsythe’s Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse with forward by Ghost Hunter’s Dustin Pari” then you are UNPREPARED. Wes will take you through some basic of principles of surviving in a world inhabited by television and movie style zombies. Then the floor opens up for questions and discussion: after all, we are all in this together. Well, maybe not you. You might become a zombie. Whatever, dude. Topics are sure to include weapons, vehicles, turtle neck sweaters, and safe driving tips. So, as the golden rule of the apocalypse says, “Run faster than the other guy” and be sure not to miss the irreverent, pseudo-educational event.

Infamous: A look at the most famous American Serial Killers. In this presentation Allen Marston will go over some of the most vile and heinous American Serial Killers to date. Some will be names that almost everyone has heard of, and some that most may not even known existed. One even got their start in Lexington, Kentucky! This promises to be a fun and in depth journey into the serial killer world.

Residual hauntings and true hauntings: The Spirit Mechanix tell you the difference. Plus understanding and identifying your gifts.

H.H. Holmes- America’s First Mass Serial Killer: Bud Jenness tells about the 1st American serial killer, who bricked his victims from the World’s Fair in his building, his vaults. He plotted his murders out in advance.

Meta Men Q & A: What happens when you put two of the metaphysical community’s sharpest minds on a panel with “the blunt object of the paranormal”? You get the Meta Men. Whatever you want to know about spiritualism, metaphysics, holistic healing, psychic development or the paranormal, these gentlemen have the answers. They may not agree on those answers but they will have answers (most of the time). Featuring Jim McChesney of Ohm Aura Readings, Mark James of Akashic Awareness and Wes Forsythe of Scarefest Radio, they come at their topics with very different backgrounds, but hold nothing back in sharing their beliefs and opinions. Audience participation is what makes it interesting. The Meta Men are what makes it fun.

Marie Laveau & New Orleans Voodoo: Marie Laveau’s name has become synonymous with voodoo and New Orleans, but her impact on history goes well beyond that. Stephanie Bingham will be delving into the historical life of Marie, exactly how she used voodoo to help herself, and why voodoo is still so fascinating all these years later.

The Demon Within – Recognizing Evil: Private investigator Suzanna McComas discusses documented cases where the perpetrator of violent crime claimed demon possession as a reason for their actions. This is an in depth look at 3 cases of multiple homicides. The presentation will included graphic details of the crimes. The possession claims and symptoms presented by the defendants will be discussed with the audience. NOTE: Due to graphic nature of the incidents discussed in this presentation no one under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend.

The Possession of Elizabeth Knapp: Kyl Cobb tells that in 1671, the possession of Elizabeth Knapp in Groton, Massachusetts lay the foundations for the more famous witch trails that followed.

Til’ Death and Beyond – The Haunted Journey Of John And Stacey Edwards: They are authors of the new book “Til’ Death and Beyond The Haunted Journey Of John And Stacey Edwards” and Paranormal Investigators since 1997. They have some unique theories and intriguing personal experiences they want to share with everyone including; The Dangers Of The Paranormal, The Keeper Theory, Pay Per Boo Theory, Attachments, Living with the paranormal,This and the randomness that is sure to arise with these two!

Channeled Messages from the Universe: Beverly McChesney sees truths that others might not see. Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Psychic and a Medium, she uses her abilities to offer you a myriad of services. One of her favorite ways to help is in offering Galleries: events where the Universe answers any question you have in a rapid fire setting. No questions are off limits and the entire audience has an opportunity to participate. As an Usui Reiki Master (1998), a student of the ancient Mystery Schools, a Templar Degree Consciousness Facilitator as well as a Blue Star Celestial Healing Master, Beverly is well versed in metaphysics. She attained her Bachelor of Sciences in Parapsychic Science, and is a Certified Member of the World Metaphysical Association. She is here to honor her I AM, by offering herself to you as a Vessel of Spirit, that you might receive information or help you require. It is her honor to serve you, and she looks forward to a rollicking Gallery!
Paranormal Hangover part 3: Catching up with Ken Boggle. Talking about his paranormal experiences and paranormal celebrities. 3rd annual!

Your Next Stop: The Twilight Zone: Join Claire Heaney in a discussion of Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone. You will talk about some of the most well-known episodes, common controversial themes of its time, and analyze together a few of her personal favorite episodes. What can we take away from this classic series, even in today’s technologically advanced society? “Unlock this door with the key of imagination” and rediscover what made The Twilight Zone so memorable.

Demons, Demigods and Heroes: Kyl Cobb looks at the concepts of Demons and divine beings across the ages. One culture’s hero is another culture’s villain.

On Blast with Ken Boggle: A Psychic Gallery Reading, free with the price of admission to The Scarefest.

The Future of Electronic Ghost Hunting: The current state of the art electronic ghost hunting techniques will be presented by Leo Doyle, as well as what the future has in store. With electronic components getting smaller, more intelligent, and less expensive, it is more feasible than ever before to make advanced ghost hunting devices. This advancement of detection devices of all sorts means that devices can be made to monitor data that was not possible just a few short years ago. In addition, the possibility of remote monitoring of ghost sensors is now possible. You can sit in your lounge chair and read sensors placed around the same building or even thousands of miles away. This remote monitoring is not only possible, it’s being done now and will be demonstrated during the talk. With the advent of 3D printing and a plethora of sensors, it’s also possible to produce small batches of devices that wouldn’t previously have been feasible or affordable. The design cycle of one such ghost hunting device will be discussed from concept to finished design.

When Ghosts were invited to Visit – Victorian Séances and Spirit Boards: Pat O’Keefe, M.S. and Jennifer Proffit, members of a small troupe of traveling psychics, seers, and mediums known as the Full Moon Caravan, will transport you through their presentation to an era where Spirits were often invited to come in to sit for a spell. The Victorian era was rife with parlors in which Spirits and the spirit board were central figures. Pat and Jennifer will open the door to a time when death was expected and an interest in the otherworld was a part of everyday life; a time very much like our own. As part of the presentation, we will do a short Victorian Séance demonstration, using two volunteers from the audience.

Bare Bones Investigating 101: Basic, no frills Paranormal Investigating from Rural Indiana Paranormal. Geared towards those interested in the field but have a limited budget.

The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown and Truth or Legends: In your hometown: “Making Skeptics into Believers” Gavin Kelly and Paula Purcell Kelly- experiences while Filming The Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown which is a new original series on Amazon right now, and also their new show “Truth or Legends: In your Hometown” which begins filming this march. Gavin and Paula would present hair-raising evidence, Never before seen footage and Behind the scenes footage that no other show out on the networks does during their journeys, of course, a Q & A.

The Lucifer Typo: What if the most famous prince of Hell and the frequent Demon of the week in television and movies did not exist? Kyl Cobb looks at the truth origins of Lucifer Morning star.

A Crazy Thing Happened On Our Way To Normal: Join Paranormal Lecturer/Investigator, longtime guest and sometime co-host of The Paranormal Sideshow Podcast, Allen Marston with Paranormal Authors John and Stacey Edwards. The thing that Allen and the Edwards’ have in common are the fact of being firsthand witnesses to severe paranormal experiences that they never asked for, requested, or searched for! In fact, all that these three colleagues wanted in life has zero to do with the Paranormal Field! They we’re unceremoniously tossed directly down the rabbit hole of bizarre, unexplainable, high strangeness of the paranormal world. Join them for a round table presentation where all three speakers go deep into some topics including Attachments, Alien Abduction, Psychic development, Black Eyed Kids, Shadow People, Demonic Oppression, Huldúfolk, and living with a severely intense intelligent haunting!! These are just a few of the real life and actual experiences the Panel has endured throughout their lives. For the first time ever, the speakers are open and willing to give their full experiences and theories about the links between many of these phenomena’s they have endured. They will also be taking your questions at the end of the presentation to make this a very interactive presentation. Join them to hear Allen’s healthy dose of skepticism in the face of a true paranormal danger! Join them to hear John and Stacey’s special brand of comedy while poking fun at themselves and their strange journey! Most of all, join them for a Fun, Open, and Relaxed discussion like no other you will hear again!

The Conspiracy Theory Roundtable: Did the lizard people assassinate JFK? Was the moon landing actually filmed at Disneyland? Do chemtrails cause earthquakes? These topics probably won’t come up but plenty more will as our panel of experts give you their opinions and inside information on the world events you want to know about! Moderated by Scarefest Radio’s Wes Forsythe and important revelations by Kyl Cobb, Allen Marston, John Edwards, Stacey Edwards, and Suzanne McComas. They will invite topics from the audience…while they still can.