2021 Seminar & Speaker Schedule for Stage B: The Seminar Stage

These Speaker events and Seminars will be held on Stage B in the Stars Row Area. All Schedules are subject to change.

Friday October 22, 2021

5-5:45 pm- Bluegrass Ghost Hunters- Kentucky Hauntings
6-6:45 pm- Tonya Webb- Are Abandoned Hospitals Really Haunted: The story of Old Hospital on College Hill
7-7:45 pm- Dani Bailey- A Man from Waushara County
8-8:45 pm- Claire Heaney- Family Dynamics: Addams Family vs. Munsters

Saturday October 23, 2021

11-11:45 am- Beverly McChesney- Answers from the Universe: Channeled Messages
12-12:45 pm- Steve Kulls- Sasquatch: Myth versus Reality
1-1:45 pm- Allen Marston- Has the Green River Killer been dethroned as America’s Most Prolific Killer?
2-2:45 pm- Suzanne McComas- The Demon Within: Recognizing Evil
3-3:45 pm- Christina Kieffer and William Aymerich- Men in Black and UFO’s
4-4:45 pm- Mick Strawn
5-5:45 pm- Chad Harlan and Stephen Pulliam- Kentucky’s Satanic Killers
6-6:45 pm- Frank J Bennett- The UFO Alien/ Spirit Connection
7-7:45 pm- Suzanne McComas- Do Demons Exist

Sunday October 24, 2021

12-12:45 pm- Bud Jenness- Jack the Ripper: The King of Serial Killers
1-1:45 pm- Allen Marston- St. Alban’s Sanatorium
2-2:45 pm- Stephanie Bingham- Lizzie Borden Murder and Hauntings
3-3:45 pm- Spirit Mechanix- Uninvited Guest: Horror Stories from the Road
4-4:45 pm- Gavin and Paula Kelly- Making Skeptics into Believers