XII Become a Speaker

Welcome potential speaker to The ScareFest 2019. We appreciate your interest in being a speaker at this year’s epic event!

ScareFest 12 continues our new era for our Convention. We are strengthened and preparing for our largest, most organized and exciting ScareFest than in any of our previous years! With that, we have created a solid-core industry standards method of producing our Seminar & Speaking events.

Please download and read the application (DocX format or PDF format) and agreement completely. All information in this application must be filled out completely and returned back to us along with all necessary documentation requested in order to be placed for consideration at our event.

Please note: Completion and Submission of this application does NOT guarantee your placement or selection in our event. It IS however required in order to be placed for consideration. You will be contacted with our determination of your application within a month of the deadline. If approved, you will receive a secondary notice of your placement and schedule closer to the show (Please note placement of your seminar is done by The ScareFest).

We have outlined our policies, regulations and info in the application that must be read, understood and agreed to before you can be considered for this year’s event. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our process and program BEFORE you are accepted into the show.

Application Deadline: March 29, 2019. No speakers will be accepted after this date for this year’s convention. We encourage everyone to apply early!