Halloween Reunion at Scarefest 2020: Halloween at Halloween

Can you think of a better way to make the most of The Scarefest moving their dates from September to the peak of Lexington’s Halloween Celebration? Celebrate Halloween by celebrating Halloween!

More contracts are still out so who knows where this will lead, but for Scarefest the 13th we are bringing in three highly sought-after stars from the original 1978 Halloween movie: Tony Moran, Nancy Loomis, and Charles Cyphers.

Halloween, of course, is one of the most identifiable horror movies of all time, with one of the most identifiable villains of all time (with Tony Moran playing the rarely unmasked Michael Myers), launched one of the most successful movie franchises of all time with eight sequels if we counted correctly, plus a remake with its own sequel, and was credited as the inspiration for more slasher films than anyone can count.

Nancy Loomis’ character in the movie, Annie Brackett, is widely credited for having unintentionally created a trend in horror movies where female characters who smoke, have premarital sex or appear either nude or in their underwear, get killed off.