Meet Your Favorite Celebrities

The Scarefest is first and foremost a Horror and Paranormal Fandom convention. Fans travel from all around the country and even the world to come to Lexington, KY once a year to meet their favorite celebrities.

Founded back in 2008 -although obviously smaller than it is now – it was designed to bring together all things scary and weird into one fun event that the whole family could enjoy.

Every year we ask our fans on Facebook and Twitter who they want to see at the convention. What may surprise you is that we actually listen! We watch for names to pop up that we had not thought of and especially watch for names to pop up repeatedly.

No matter who we book for the expo, our ultimate goal is to bring you, the fan, a unique and memorable weekend! At the end of the day, the only thing that comes close to knowing we have made the fans happy is when so many celebrities tell us what a great experience they had working with us and meeting the crowd we bring in. That’s why you see so many celebrities return to Lexington – often every couple of years – they love you and they love us.

We even have a few that come back year after year! Some people don’t understand why we do this. But if they watch our social media they would see that our fans scream for them! There comes a point where it just wouldn’t feel like The Scarefest without them.

We work very hard to create an environment where you can meet your favorite celebrity in a fun and friendly, entertaining environment. Many conventions will crowd in so many vendors that you can barely even get to their celebrities. The Scarefest is always set up with wide aisles to promote as much traffic flow as is possible. Does this cost us a few booths? Of course it does. But if it means the fans leave a little happier for not having to stand in line BEFORE they stand in line then it is worth it!