Seminar & Panel Schedule


Time Location Speaker Topic
 5:45 Thoroughbred TBA TBA
   Elkhorn B Chris Sutton Gazing Into the Abyss
   Elkhorn C/D Kyl Cobb Ouija Boards & the Demon Zozo
   Heritage A Exie Susanne Smith The Essence of Death
 7:00 Thoroughbred John Kassir, Denise Crosby, Dee Wallace Horror Panel
   Elkhorn B John Steadman HP Lovecraft
   Elkhorn C/D Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Q&A
  Heritage A Holly Mullins The Force is with You
 8:15 Thoroughbred  Edward James Olmos Q&A
  Elkhorn B Allen Marston Down the Rabbit Hole
  Elkhorn C/D North American Dogman Project Dogman Encounters
  Heritage A Michelle Wagner Psychic Awareness


Time Location Speaker Topic
11:00 Elkhorn C/D Ken Boggle Paranormal Hangover
11:30 Thoroughbred Barry Bostwick Q&A
  Elkhorn B Kyl Cobb What is a Real Demonologist?
  Heritage A Allen Marston The Shadow Phenomena
12:15 Elkhorn C/D Ken Boggle Tarot: Intellect and Intuition
12:45 Thoroughbred Mystery Science Theater Panel Discussion
  Elkhorn B Richard Estep 21 Years in Haunted Houses
  Heritage A Cindy Parmiter Exploration of Serial Killers
1:30 Elkhorn C/D Shannon & David Byers How Not to Be a Ghost Hunter
2:00 Thoroughbred Chip Coffey Coffey Talk Gallery Reading  (Ticketed Event)
  Elkhorn B Wes Forsythe Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse
  Heritage A Adam Bonnett The Paralytic Paranormal Effect
2:45 Elkhorn C/D Steve Kulls Sasquatch: Analyzing the Evidence
3:15 Elkhorn B Tim Woolworth Working in the Light from Both Sides
  Heritage A Bishop James Long Demonology and Possession
3:45 Thoroughbred Nightmare On Elm Street
Robert Englund, Amanda Wyss, Andras Jones, Brooke Bundy, Danny Hassle, JoAnne Willett, Lisa Wilcox, Ricky Dean Logan, Ronee Blakey, Tuesday Knight and Miko Hughes
Panel Discussion
4:00 Elkhorn C/D Kyl Cobb The Exorcism of David Glatzel
4:30 Elkhorn B Stephanie Bingham Marie Laveau & New Orleans Voodoo
  Heritage A Bertena Varney Vampires in the Classroom
5:00 Thoroughbred TBA TBA
5:15 Elkhorn C/D Shannon & David Byers Waverly Hills Sanatorium
5:45 Elkhorn B The Booth Brothers Q&A
5:45 Heritage A Will Kohler Out of the Closet & Onto Your Screen
6:15 Thoroughbred Mountain Monsters Panel Discussion
6:30 Elkhorn C/D Scarefest Radio Panel Discussion
7:00 Elkhorn B Circus Envy Clownseling
  Heritage A Tom Conwell UFO’s America’s Pollution Problem
7:30 Thoroughbred Danny Trejo Q&A
7:45 Elkhorn C/D Hollywood Ghost Hunters Panel Discussion
9:00 Thoroughbred TBA TBA


Time Location Speaker Topic
11:30 Thoroughbred Ghost Brothers Q&A
  Elkhorn B Brian Perry Haunting Books & Scary Places
  Elkhorn C/D Steve Kulls Cryptozoologist Field Research Workshop
  Heritage A Nic Brown The Legend of the Wendigo
12:45 Thoroughbred Kristy Swanson Q&A
  Elkhorn B Jack Kenna Investigating the Paranormal
  Elkhorn C/D Kyl Cobb Famous Poltergeist Cases
  Heritage A Spirit Mechanix What is a House Cleansing?
2:00 Thoroughbred TAPS Panel Panel Discussion
  Elkhorn B The Conner Sisters The Tarot: Learn Your Past Present  & Future
  Elkhorn C/D TBA TBA
  Heritage A Bud Jenness The Early Influences of Stephen King