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Pancho Moler

Just Announced for Scarefest 2021: Pancho Moler

Pancho Moler

Pancho Moler

Born in Santiago Chile, Pancho moved to the United States at age 8. At 18 he kept on traveling as a professional skateboarder. Pancho is the first professional Little Person skateboarder in the world.

After suffering a debilitating back injury, which forced him to leave skateboarding, Pancho wasn’t sure where his career would take him next. A friend invited him to an acting class, curious, since he had always loved movies and TV, he went. There was no turning back after that. Acting gave him the same excitement, the same adrenaline rush as skateboarding. On top of that, it allowed him to step out of himself and be someone else if only for a moment.

Pancho began studying acting with Robert Rusler at The Hollywood Playground. Then with Matthew Barry at The Working Actor. Also, He is in the midst of training with Upright Citizens Brigade. Most recently, Pancho became a Working Finalist at the world renowned Actor’s Studio.

Frank J Bennett

Frank J Bennett: The UFO-Alien-Spirit Connection

Frank J Bennett

Frank J Bennett

Since the publication of his book “Encounter with The Aberdeen Wildman, A true story” in 2014, Frank J Bennett has made hundreds of personal appearances at Comic Conventions, Paranormal Conventions, Horror Conventions, UFO Conferences, Cryptozoological Conferences, and Fairs. Frank has also given radio, podcast, and television interviews (some listed in links below) speaking on issues of The Paranormal and presenting town hall discussions on The Paranormal as well.

His live performances are entertaining, energetic, fascinating, and oftentimes audience interactive. Frank has gone through life with the inability to not have a sense of humor about things and that comes out i his live performances. Can Issues of The Paranormal, The Cryptozoological, and Alien UFOs actually be both scary, fascinating and funny? See Frank J Bennett live and find out.

The Scarefest

Panel & Entertainer Schedule for Stage A: The Main Entertainer Stage

These panels and events are set for the Main Stage area (Stage A) found as you enter the convention floor close to the concession area. All schedules are subject to change.

Stage A, Friday October 22, 2021

5pm Ballroom House
performing Living Dead Girl

6pm Scream Queen Competition

7pm Casualty Fridays Pod Cast
with Kane Hodder, Flissa rose and Tiffany Shepis streaming in with special guest.

Stage A, Saturday October 23, 2021

12:30 pm Ballroom House performs Living Dead Girl

1 pm -Adult Scream Queen Contest

2 pm Ballroom house performs Living Dead Girl

3-4pm Weird Science
(Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Vernon Wells, Suzanne Snyder, Judie Aronson and Michael Berryman)

4 pm- Costume Judging

5 pm Trivia on the Stage

5:30 pm Ballroom house performs Living Dead Girl

6-7 pm- Indie Film Panel

7-8 pm- Devil Rejects
(Robert Mukes, Bill Mosley, Lew Temple, Dave Sheridan and
William Forsythe)

Stage A, Sunday October 24, 2021

11am Thriller Dance 
taught by the ballroom House

12pm Kids Scream Contest

1 pm Wildcat Group KIDS Costume Slashdown
Top Prize is a Power Wheels Audi and Cash Prize for ages 7-12

2pm Ballroom House Performance
“Living Dead Girl”

2:30 pm Kids Spooky Trivia
Spin the wheel for category of spooky Horror Trivia- Questions get harder and only one will Survive to win a prize.

3:30 pm- Kids Day Seminar
Junior High Horrors – Horror for All Ages