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Jimothy Beckholt

Scarefest 2021 Brings it “Home” with Guest Jimothy Beckholt

He may not be a household name – yet – but Jimothy Beckholt has been part of the Scarefest Family for years and is known for his outrageous Ace Ventura cosplay antics on the convention floor.

Meanwhile, in the film industry, Jim is known for his indie projects such as Still the King, Office Uprising and Corky & Bob Get A Job, Me, Faces and Will Work 4 Food.

His most recent film is alongside Tony Todd in Candy Corn.

Robert Mukes

Scarefest 2021 Goes “Big” with Guest Robert Mukes

Scarefest towers over the competition, so why not bring back a fan favorite guest that towers right back?

Standing at 6’10”, Mukes uniquely stands out from his fellow actors. His light, charismatic presence lends to the humorous side of his characters, while the slight darkness that lingers in his physicality lends to the darker more serious side of his characters. This mixture creates a unique and fresh blend that has never been seen before in Hollywood.

His most current projects include HBO’s TV series Westworld; the movies Coffin 2, Valentine DayZ, and Bone Tomahawk; and Showtime’s award winning series Weeds, in which he played the memorable Alaskan bounty hunter, Abumchuk. He is most known for his role as Rufus Jr in Rob Zombie’s 2003 House of 1000 Corpses .

Tiffany Shepis

Scream Queen Tiffany Shepis is Coming to Scarefest: Resurrection

Scream Queen Fans rejoice! Our third entry into our GREATEST SCREAMS QUEENS IN HISTORY category is none other than producer, scream queen and one third of the hit podcast Casualty Friday, Tiffany Shepis.

Tromeo and Juliet began Tiffany’s career at the age of 16. Her resume consists of films like Sci-fi hit Abomiable, The Hazing, cult hit Sharknado 2, Deathcember, Victor Crowley, Exit to Hell, Death House, Ouija House, Night of the Demons just to name a few.

Throw Axes with Killers

You Can Throw Axes with Some of Your Favorite Killers

What could be more fun than spending a couple of hours flinging axes around a room with your some of your favorite on screen killing machines? OK…there are rules and targets, but it still sounds profoundly decadent. 

Tickets for our celebrity ax throwing event are now for sale. For your enjoyment, we will offer up to 10 celebrities leading teams of up to 9 players each at Battle Axes of Kentucky on Friday, October 22nd, 2021. 

Our celebrity roster for the evening will grow as the teams sell out. On the evening of the event, teams will be randomly drawn by the celebrity hosts. We will keep an updated itinerary posted on the EVENT PAGE. Check it regularly for updates to the event and for news and guidelines for the event.

Felissa Rose

Fan Favorite Felissa Rose Coming to Scarefest 2021

It’s already shaping up to be a solid year for our Scream Queen Fans as we welcome Felissa Rose back to Lexington for this year’s convention.

She made her film debut as Angela Baker in Robert Hiltzik’s cult film Sleepaway Camp, a role reprised in the 2008 sequel Return to Sleepaway Camp. She has well over 100 film credits in total over the span of her film career.


Scarefest 13: Resurrection – TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

The Scarefest has released their 2021 tickets for sale!

All 2020 tickets for the “Lost Year” will be honored for 2021. If you had purchased 2020 tickets and did not request a refund – you are good to go at 2020 prices! Platinum ticket holders will still get a room in one of our host hotels and both Gold and Platinum ticket holders will get admission to our 2021 Halloween Celebration and Costume Ball held at LexLive on Saturday.

One thing that has been changed this year is the Platinum ticket: That level is not planned to be sold at this time. With three great host hotels we decided it made more sense for the consumer to pick their own hotel based on their own preferences of amenities and location. Once again, if you are a Platinum ticket holder from 2020 – your ticket will be honored and a hotel room will be booked for you. 

All Scarefest tickets will still give you access to our lineup of seminars and to our Horror Film Festival. However, due to anticipated construction at our convention center, those activities will be held across the street at LexLive. Also watch for updated schedules as our new partnership with LexLive will allow us to offer some activities such as these (and MANY MORE) outside of beyond our convention floor hours.

About that Halloween Celebration and Costume Ball. Yes, our traditional Costume Ball has been discontinued. Our partnership with LexLive has given us the opportunity to grow it well beyond the old “Watch the costume contest then go to bed” model. This year’s event will be open to the public as a separate ticketed event and will include what, in the past, were VIP Party facets such as our Horror Drag Show. Details and tickets for this event will be made available very soon.

If you are a 2020 ticket holder and would like further clarification that your ticket is still in effect or have any other questions, feel free to contact

Christopher Saint Booth & Philip Adrian Booth

The Booth Brothers Are Bringing “The Attached” to Scarefest 2021

Filmmakers, producers, directors, composers, authors, actors, cinematographers are among a few hats Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth wear.

The Booth’s have been filmmakers together since the mid 80’s, also CEO’s of “Spooked Television “ for the Sci-fi channel. They are known for films Dead Still, Death Tunnel, Dark Place, The Exorcist File, Spooked:The Ghosts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium and Children of the Grave.

Have you ever had a belonging that you thought was haunted? Christopher and Philip just finished a film about items that have attachments , “The Attached”. You will get the opportunity to see the items in their film and much more at Scarefest 13 Resurrection .

Steve Nappe

The Scarefest Welcomes Back Steve Nappe for 2021

And a warm welcome to our reigning Ax throwing champion, Steve Nappe. Steve can be seen in the upcoming release of “Room 9” as Bobby D. A few other acting credits are Death House, Old 37, Check Point and Jason X.

He always has an interesting story to tell ,since he is the east coast case manager for Hollywood GhostHunters.

His most recent endeavor was writing a children’s books. Check out “Stevie’s Island Adventures:The Turtle Pond”.

Third Host Hotel Added for Scarefest 2021 – The Hyatt Regency

We are happy to announce that The Hyatt Regency has joined us as a host hotel again for Scarefest Resurrection. 

While it is still the closest hotel to our convention center (by a crosswalk), as a part  of the new convention center design, the Hyatt is no longer attached to the convention center.

Even without being attached to the center, the Hyatt is sure to  be the first hotel to fill up with free internet, and excellent restaurant and bar, free parking, and – besides – it’s a tradition.

They are offering Scarefest attendees a special rate of $209 per night. Book online or by phone using the code G-SFPB.  

The Scarefest Gift Shop is OPEN

While Scarefest merchandise is always wildly popular during our convention, we haven’t had a year round e-commerce solution for our fans. That changed in January 2021 with the launch of our official gift shop at Scarefest Radio.

We still have a lot of items to bring back into production. In addition to our usual “year specific” merchandise that we offer yearly (and then haul around to other conventions during the year) we always offer several items with our standard skull logo. If Covid-19 taught us anything, it’s that relying on traveling wasn’t going to work for us.

Right now, we have our 2020 The Lost Year T-shirts and sweat shirts in stock. Additionally we have added a line of Scarefest TV merchandise and are still sorting through our existing stock of skull logo items to offer on the site. And (to admit a major mistake) we are FINALLY offering a line of masks for your pandemic safety concerns.