Do I have to buy something to meet a celebrity?

Maybe not, but you really should. 

Stars attend conventions such as ours as “part of their job”. For some, conventions sales are a major source of their income. While there may be opportunities through the course of the weekend to converse with them, if you approach them at their booth they are “on the clock”. 

Good manners dictate that you never hold up a star’s line if you are not at their table to purchase something. Most of our celebrities over the years have been more than happy to spend generous amounts of time talking to their fans. But one should not abuse that generosity.

The parties and events are another story. Many of our celebrities will attend the VIP party and usually a few make an appearance or two at other other events through the course of the weekend. Those that do are there to interact with their fans. But remember, the parties and events are not photo ops! Always ask if it’s OK to take a picture with them. Heck, if they like you they may offer!