The Scarefest

Celebrity Autograph Prices and Information for Scarefest 2021

Bruce CampbellThe following information is presented to you as it was presented to us in no particular order. All prices are projections and inclusion in this list does not guarantee either appearance nor services. If a celebrity or service is not listed, no information was submitted.

  • Autograph: Pretty self explanatory. Normally includes a printed picture from the celebrity.
  • Selfie: Price is for a table side picture on your device with the celebrity.
  • Combo:  An autograph and a selfie. 

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing all table side activities and the conditions thereof (i.e. masks) are at the discretion of the celebrities and may not be announced until the convention.

If you do not see your favorite celebrity listed it just means that we do not have their information to post.
Check back for updates.

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Bruce Campbell
Ted Raimi
Bill Moseley
Andrew Divoff
Linnea Quigley
William Forsythe
Michael Berryman
Felissa Rose
Kane Hodder
Sean Whalen
R.A. Mihailoff
P.J. Soles
Robert Mukes
Rob Mello
Ilan Mitchell-Smith
Vernon Wells
Judie Aronson
Grant Cramer
Harrod Blank
Mike Martinez
Christine Elise
Dave Sheridan
Lew Temple
Vincent M Ward
Mick Strawn
Nick Groff
Erin Ryder
Jael de Pardo
Kris Williams
Shane Pittman
Seth Breedlove
Paul Bradford
Scott Tepperman
Tessa DelZoppo

Andrew Divoff
Autograph $40